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Prior Authorization Insurance Reform

Our philosophy
Our philosophy of medicine is best expressed by our logo, a tribute to the philosopher and artist, Robert Motherwell. The CIRCLE and SQUARE are an artistic metaphor on three levels:

Anatomical Level
The human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere, represented by the SQUARE, is more analytical, scientific, and factual: it comprehends. The right hemisphere, represented by the CIRCLE, is more intuitive and artistic: it apprehends.

Holistic / Humanistic Level
The best practice of medicine involves consideration of the whole individual, both mind and body. The CIRCLE and SQUARE represent our dual approach.

Anagogical Level
"Anagogy" means the interpretation of a word, text, symbol that finds beyond the more basic senses to a mystical or spiritual sense. In medicine, this most sophisticated sense involves the integration of both the art CIRCLE and the SQUARE science of medicine. Only by this approach can both the mind and body be addressed, and the patient be made whole.